Vote No to AV


The May 5 referendum on Alternative Vote system is an opportunity to vote against Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats and the Con-Lib government. Hammering the Liberal Democrats at every opportunity is an important means to undermine this reactionary government. Don’t abstain or waste your vote. Kick Clegg into touch.


The current voting system produces unfair votes and means we are saddled with rotten governments and overpaid unaccountable MPs for five years. The interests of working people are sacrificed or ignored. We need radical reform including proportional representation and annual parliaments so MPs have to face their constituents every year. AV is not the answer. 


AV is not a better system. It is tinkering with the First-Past-The-Post system. It is not what we need. Nick Clegg called it a ‘miserable little compromise’ - a dirty deal to give the Lib Dems a few more seats at the next election. The Tories thought it a price worth paying to get Clegg’s backing for the massive cuts in working class living standards. If people vote for AV it will keep the Coalition alive and the cuts on track. Tories will use it to delay the real democratic reforms the country so desperately needs   

No to Simon Hughes


Mr Hughes has broken trust with the people of Bermondsey by backing this reactionary Coalition. It is time for him to go. Bermondsey is not a safe haven for MPs that betray us to the Tories.


No thanks to Royal wedding


What a palaver. This is not just a wedding. It’s a political event in support of monarchy and the Establishment. No expenses spared. This wedding will cost over £2 billion in lost output and millions on paying the 5000 police and all the decorations, bunting and expenses. It is a lesson for all of us. The ruling class will spend whatever they want for their little luxuries while telling the rest of us they have run out of money for public services, workers pay or investment in jobs.



Colour Violet


Solidarity greetings from South Bank Socialist Society  to women workers of the world on what was originally called International working women’s day. Demonstrations to mark this day played a key role in the 1917 Russian revolution. The suffragette flag was a Green, White and Violet tricolour which stood for Give Women Votes.

One hundred years later the fight continues

SBSS Steering Group




Southwark Brunswick ward by-election


Bermondsey Republican Socialists welcome the decision to stand an anti-cuts candidate in the ward Southwark Council by-election in the Brunswick ward. Brian Kelly, a former Labour councillor, is an excellent candidate with many years experience as a trade unionist and socialist. We urge all workers, trade unionists and socialists in the ward to vote for him.


Brian is standing as a candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. Notwithstanding the criticisms we have made and will continue to make about TUSC, we support the struggle to oust the Tories, Liberal Democrats and Labour from Southwark Council. These three main parties are carrying out the policies of the Crown and the City – making savage cuts to boost the profits of the banks at the expense of working people. 







Forthcoming Events


TUC National March and Rally ‘For the Alternative’, 26 March 


The South London trade union movement and anti-cuts campaigns are meeting at Kennington Park. More details to follow. General information is available at:



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