Bermondsey Republican Socialists


The BRS was set up after the 2010 general election with the aim of challenging the Tory coalition and its local apologist Simon Hughes MP. Bermondsey is one of the three constituencies in the London Borough of Southwark. It is an inner city predominately working class area.


For decades Hughes has posed as a left critic of the Labour Party, helped by thirteen years of New Labour’s centre-right government. Since 2010 he has been given the role of Apologist-in-Chief for the reactionary Tory led government and its massive redistribution of income to the rich.


The People’s Republic of Southwark

Below is the link to the People's Republic of Southwark, a community group who actively promote alternatives to establishment narratives, encouraging others to engage and develop their own. The BRS would like to see more local People’s Republics across England and throughout the UK.



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