Our aims in the 2015 general election:


  1. To show that republican socialism exists as a distinct political idea (i.e. with different programme, strategy and slogans to Labourism).

  3. To show that republican socialism is prepared to come out and fight openly for our ideas in a general election.

  5. To show that republican socialism cannot fight elections effectively without a party organisation. We aim to promote the need for a republican socialist party.

  7. To stand at least three candidates, one each for England, Scotland and Wales.

  9. To promote republican socialist democratic slogans - “Close Westminster Down”, “For Democratic Revolution” and “Another England is Possible”.

  11. To promote a social republic through the slogan of a “Commonwealth of England”.

  13. To promote militant “Anti Unionism” in England as a progressive democratic and revolutionary slogan.

  15. To strengthen links with the Scottish left (e.g. RIC) and position ourselves in relation to the Scottish Left Project.

  17. To highlight the limitations of ‘trade union socialism’ (i.e. economism and Labourism) as represented in TUSC-Left Unity.

  19. To promote the republican flag as an alternative to the flag of St George.



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