Election Introduction


This general election is going to be very important in deciding the future direction of this country. We face the most serious threat to our futures I can remember in my lifetime. The next government will attempt to impose policies which will have a major impact on our jobs, pay, and working conditions. It will implement measures that will damage the local communities in which we live. It will make deep cuts in public spending on housing, health and education and welfare.


I am standing as a trade unionist and socialist candidate because it is important that working people and their families are presented with an alternative. I will be working with my fellow trade unionists and socialists to put this before the people of Bermondsey and the staff and students at London South Bank University where I work.


Steve Freeman


Greenwich UCU



We are fighters not quitters

In early June 2001 a disgraced Peter Mandelson made a political comeback. He told voters in Hartlepool "Well, they underestimated me because I am a fighter... and a fighter not a quitter". As trade unionists and socialists we won't let the devil sing all the best tunes. To oppose the coming tidal wave of cuts we need fighters not quitters. Join your union. Join our campaign.






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