Vote Corbyn

Vote Corbyn

On June 8 (tomorrow) people in England and Wales should go out and vote against the Tories in every constituency throughout Britain and against the Unionists in Northern Ireland. People should vote for Corbyn’s Labour in England and Wales. I would not vote for right wing Blairite Labour MP’s who actively sabotaged Corbyn, for example Neil Coyle in Bermondsey.

In Scotland we should support anti-Unionist candidates as long as they support the democratic right of the Scottish people to have a self determination referendum. No support should be given to Kezia Dugdale and her Scottish Labour Party candidates.

No doubt the Tories will do their desperate “Campaign Fear” trick. England is a frightened country and ratcheting up the fear factor should help deliver May, the weakest and most wobbly leader we have seen, back to Downing Street. Expect to hear about Diane Abbot, Nicole Sturgeon, the IRA and Hamas to gather up the votes of all the misogynists, racists and chauvinists.

No doubt Flip Flop May will try to show how tough she is by promising to take away our human rights and civil liberties. Corbyn has run an excellent campaign and confounded all his enemies. I don’t think he will win. I think the die was cast after the EU referendum. Divided parties don’t win. I hope I am wrong and Corbyn is the next PM. But the Tories will be set back if they don’t take many more seats than the current majority of twelve.

The bigger picture, whoever wins the election, is the urgent necessity for the UK to undergo a democratic revolution. The country needs a new democracy and a new constitution and this requires people to organise themselves into a democratic movement. Ireland and Scotland, and to a lesser extent Wales, are in the front line of the battle. England has to wake up and catch up.

Democracy provides the way out of the hole that neo-liberals have dug us into. Corbyn’s socialism is an alternative to democratic revolution. Labour has a programme to restore or revive the UK’s ‘social monarchy’ as represented by the ‘spirit of 45’. It is a project which is well past its sell by date, not because of ideas about public ownership, but because Westminster ‘democracy’ is a busted flush.

Democracy must have a Republican programme if it is to take itself seriously. In this ‘British Exit’ election it would be a good idea to start with 1) Democratic Exit from the EU 2) Repeal the 1707 Act of Union 3) For a Parliament for England. 4) For Local peoples Assemblies. 5) For an ‘Agreement of the People’ or written constitution. 6) For a Commonwealth of England.

The best way to prove our case is to have Jeremy Corbyn standing outside Downing Street, smiling and waving to the cameras, with Sinn Fein and the SNP having done well in Northern Ireland and Scotland. In the post EU world get ready for a rough ride. It will be exciting.

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