On English irony

Corbyn’s 2013 speech to a meeting convened by the Palestinian Return Centre has been falsely attacked as anti-Semitic not least by the Zionist and former chief Rabbi Jonathon Sacks. He was backed up by former Scottish Labour leadership candidate Tom Harris.

Harris lied on LBC (August 30 2018) by falsely claiming that Corbyn said “British Jews don’t understand English irony”. The lie was necessary to smear Corbyn as an anti-Semite. It is part of the anti-Semitic campaign backed by Israel, the Tories and the right wing of the Labour Party to overthrow the leader of the Labour Party.

Corbyn praised the speech by Manuel Hassassian, the non-English Palestinian ambassador to the UK. Corbyn says Hassassian “does understand English irony, and uses it very effectively”. According to Corbyn you don’t have to be English to understand and effectively employ “English irony”.

I have to admit to the corollary. Despite being English and born in England, I don’t really understand this kind of irony. I realise there is irony in that. I think some of my English Jewish friends may say the same. Understanding and using “English irony” is not a racial characteristic of being a citizen of Mother England.

Corbyn’s anti-racist comments should be applauded for disconnecting “English irony” from being a white Anglo-Saxon. Using “English irony” is not a racial characteristic and therefore is not an equivalent of Norman Tebbit’s racist English cricket test. No surprise to see the Zionist Tebbit joining the anti-Semitic protest against Corbyn outside Parliament.

There is nothing racist about saying that two ‘Zionists-In-the-Audience’ didn’t understand “English irony”. It is entirely irrelevant whether they were born in England or not. If a Palestinian can understand and use it effectively it doesn’t matter a damn whether you are born in England or Israel or arrive as an immigrant or turn up as an Arab speaking Palestinian.

The allegation was made that Corbyn’s anti-racist comment on English irony was anti-Semitic. The answer hangs on who Corbyn addressed his remarks. Was it ‘Zionists-In-the-Audience’ who attacked the Palestinian ambassador’s speech? Was it all English or British Zionists or all Zionists in general? Was it all Jewish people?

The answer is clear when you listen to the recording. It was made clear in Corbyn’s recent statement. He was criticising two known ‘Zionists-In-the-Audience’ who attacked the ambassador’s speech on Palestinian history. He did not attack all English or all British Zionists. He certainly did not criticise Jews or all Jews.

Corbyn said “Zionists” and not “Jews”. He did not accuse Jews of not understanding English irony. His recent statement simply confirms this. He is not a racist and did not use the term ‘Jews or Jewish people’. It wasn’t a mistake on his part. He was extending his anti-racist statement on ‘English irony’ by NOT conflating ‘Zionists’ and ‘Jews’.

The Zionist ‘anti-Semitic’ campaign (Sacks, Tebbit, Hodge, Harris, Coyle, Regev, Field and Netanyahu etc) is based on lies and slanders. Former Rabbi Sacks and Harris, for example, use the old Neo-Nazi anti-Semitic trope that ‘All Zionists are Jews and vice versa’ and impute this to Corbyn in order to slander him.

It is anti-Semitic to knowingly or carelessly to mix up a Zionist nationalist ideology, supported by some Jews and many non-Jews, with a Jewish religious or ethnic identity. If Corbyn had made that mistake he would have had to face a barrage of criticism from thousands of anti-Zionist Jews and rightly so. But Corbyn is not guilty of something he did not do. It is a completely unjust slander.

The Zionists are seeking to mobilise Jewish opinion and wider public opinion against Corbyn by promoting scare stories that Labour is a racist and anti-Semitic party under his leadership. Making Jewish people fearful for their future in the UK by falsely claiming he is an anti-Semite is despicable and comparable with daubing Swastikas on the walls of Synagogues.

Comparing Corbyn’s support for Palestine with Enoch Powell’s infamous racist ‘rivers of blood’ speech is not merely offensive. Ex-Chief Rabbi Sacks false use of the neo-Nazi trope that ‘Zionist equals Jew’ to create fear amongst Jewish people has a shocking parallel to Enoch Powell using fear to try to mobilise the ‘white race’. It is the same modus operandi that Farage deployed in the Brexit campaign. It is another version of “Project Fear” which the elites used in Scotland, on Europe and now against Corbyn.

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